Do you need to unplug?

Diana and Glenn invite you to join them on a beautiful journey to rest, re-energise & recharge your mind, body and soul.



Diana and Glenn invite you to join them on a beautiful journey to rest, re-energise & recharge your mind, body and soul.

You have a busy life, right? So it’s ESSENTIAL that you regularly replenish yourself before you end up feeling depleted, TIRED. In mind, body, spirit and energy. With nothing left to give everyone else, not to mention yourself.

Because let’s face it, that is just not acceptable or sustainable.

Well, Glenn and Diana have created something so special that is going to help you reset your energy levels. Turn down the noise and stress. And be held in a deeply nurturing space. A sacred space. A space FOR YOU.

This beautiful haven is our offering UNPLUGGED. A whole day for you to rest, reconnect and rebalance! Held at the Marvellous Molecey Mill

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The magic awaits you

As you pull onto the beautiful grounds you will already start to feel your shoulders relaxing.  Your body breathe a sigh of relief – you’re here, you made it. You didn’t realise just how much you needed this!

You will be greeted with a refreshing drink and a very warm welcome!

Your body and mind ready, so ready for all that is to unfold… Your soul so glad you were guided here

We will then take a gorgeous mindful walk, connecting with nature as we make our way to the gallery, while you drink in the rustic charm and breathtaking backdrops Molecey Mill has to offer.

Fall in love with movement through Yoga, pilates and stretching…

As you follow Glenn through a gentle Flow 3D Yoga class

Glenn designed this class because he loves movement. In this Flow 3d Yoga class, you will gracefully move through 3 dimensions in order to work each muscle group.

Breathe and become present in your mind and body. Allowing your focus to switch off from work and home into right here, right now.

 You will recognise Glenns training as a dancer in this class as the focus shifts to postural work and stretching. Giving you a gentle and energising lift. With exercises you can take and continue to do at home to continue your wellness journey.

Glenns ethos that he shares with his clients. ”We bend, so we don’t break.”

This class is suitable for absolutely for all ages and capabilities.

Refresh with a healthy snack

Following the Flow 3D Yoga class, you will be served a freshly prepared snack to replenish the body. As we sit and rest a while ensconced in this beautiful setting

Relax into yourself

Now you’re ready for something deeper…

We will settle overlooking the breathtaking landscape, as you enter the peaceful haven filled with fairy lights, candles gently flickering and the smell of incense. It feels as though you have entered another world…

Here, Diana will invite you to lay down, rest your head on the pillow, and snuggle yourself under the fluffy blanket.
Breathe, surrender, and BE

Now Diana will take you on a powerful, sound healing journey

Drift away as Diana tunes into the energy of the collective and together, guided by spirit, she will channel and deliver the most beautiful and perfect healing JUST FOR YOU!

PLEASE NOTE there are some conditions that Sound Healing is not suitable for. Please click here and go to section 5.4 to learn more. If unsure, please contact us before booking.

Bring your whole mind, body and spirit back into perfect harmony

Let the magic continue

Once you have been bathed in the most wonderful and nurturing sounds, we will stay – gathered, connected.

Held in this beautiful energy, you will then have time to journal. To gather your thoughts and capture your experience.

Then we shall walk across, breathing in the fresh air and taking in our surroundings with fresh eyes and present minds

Enjoy a two course meal

You will be served a gorgeous two course meal using locally sourced fresh produce.
(We can cater for all dietary requirements – so please let us know if you have any needs)

You will be served a leisurely lunch and have the space to connect, talk and just be. (Without being interrupted or having to lift a finger – how precious!)

No phones to be answered, no emails. Just you, connecting  with yourself and with other like minded people

In the most exquisite setting

Now we uncover

Once refreshed we will reconnect. Glenn and Diana will be on hand to share our wealth of knowledge. You will have the chance to share your experiences and gain our insight into practical steps you can take to continue the journey you started with us at Unplugged.

You are also free at this point to wander the grounds and take in the stunning beauty. Or to simply be. The choice is yours. This is your time.

We will then close the day, the energy, the experience and leave you to go on your way uplifted, energised, peaceful and present.

The venue

The beautifully restored Grade II star listed property once formed part of Molecey House and Mill. The Granary has a date stone on the gable end of 1773 and with stunning huge oak beams and sympathetically exposed stonework, new life has been breathed into this historic building. With its period architecture and authentic features it has a rich history and many stories to tell.

We are so thrilled for you to discover the magic it holds and to connect with you IN PERSON!

The exchange

To keep this super personal we are limiting the numbers and only offering 10 spaces

The exchange for this gorgeous day is £120

Unplug for the day. To recharge. To take time out. To feel pampered. To allow yourself the space to reconnect so that you can return refreshed, present, relaxed, connected

Flow 3d Yoga

Sound Healing

Spiritual Connection

Healthy and refreshing snacks

Peace and Tranquility

Access to the grounds of Molecey Mill

Guidance and Clarity

Beautiful Two Course Lunch

Diana and Glenn can’t wait to share this day with you and guide you back to peace and serenity!

About us


I am a Singer, Songwriter. Deeply creative and passionate. An Artist. A trained Sound Healer and Coach. But actually, i’m so much more than that. I am also multi- business owner, a mother and wife. Most importantly, I am me!

I have been on a deep journey of healing, personal development, spiritual growth and embodiment since 2012.

I battled with bullima for over 20 years. Hated my body. Never thought I was good enough. Was a people pleaser. I could go on…

The one thing that never changed was music and sound.

I bring all of my experience, academic training, intuition and creativity into each container and space I hold. Offering, love, compassion, and deep connection. (Something I feel the world is missing.)

My hope is that you leave feeling lighter, clearer and energised. Ready to handle whatever challenge comes your way.

Diana x



“Falling in love with fitness. It is a journey I have helped a countless number people achieve… are you next?

 I was lucky enough to receive a World- Class vocational training with The Royal Ballet School. Sharing principals I learned whilst dancing, coupled with a science based understanding of the body – I approach movement differently.”

Focus. Breathe. Go

     –  Glenn Roberts

We look forward to welcoming you