Hello my love

A little about me

Hello my love

A little about me

I am a seer. A visionary. A divine Channel

I am the mystic

I am the psychic. I am the bridge between the 2 dimensions. Beyond the veil…

I am the unravelling, the opening.

I am the divine. And so are you. You see your connection echoed and reflected in mine. You feel the power of source coursing through your veins.

The closer you step towards me, the more you feel it. Touch it. Taste it. Viscerally.

That deep inner knowing awakened and heightened. Your body, your cells, ACTIVATED.

As you enter a sacred space of remembrance. To all of the gifts that are within YOU

Your soul is calling out to you. Come back, COME HOME.

Awaken sister, to this deepest reconnection to the most sacred parts of you. It is time.

I have the connection to the answers your soul is longing to find.

My journey

I have been on a deep journey of self discovery, healing, and embodiment since 2012.

I battled with bullima for over 20 years. Hated my body. Never thought I was good enough. Was a people pleaser.
I outsourced with my self worth, security and value to others.

Felt at home performing to hundreds of people but lost in a room of people. Scared to say the wrong thing, to be judged, TO NOT BE ACCEPTED OR LIKED. Pressure to be funny, clever, sexy, kind. To put everyone else first. To be a good girl. To not talk back. To be quiet. To speak up. To fit the mould. To be myself. To be different.

So many conflicting fucking messages!
So much noise. So much confusion.

Searching, Drifting. Falling into jobs, opportunities, experiences – not knowing that this was all part of the divine plan and soul training. Looking for the THING. MY calling.

Until I, like so many others – and probably you too HIT BURNOUT.
Or as I like to call it THE CATALYST. The opening, the space for CHANGE

I was ready. And you my divine sister have been here too, am I right?

But now what? Now the layers have been shed. The eyes can see.
The soul KNOWS. And it’s ready. To EXPAND. Fully.
To EMBODY all that you came to be.

This is the vibrational field I am in. And you could be too…

The Soul Sound  creatrix

Music and sound run through my being. 

In the depths of some of my darkest times I could always find myself, lose myself and express myself through sound.

I am a singer and songwriter.

I started writing my own songs at the age of 10. Performing. Gigging with my band at 16. 

I studied performing arts and was set to do musical theatre. Then at 18 the universe brought to me a record production company – I thought this was it. I was going to get A record deal. But that wasn’t aligned.

I always knew I had a gift with my voice. I thought I was meant to use it to perform, to entertain. Then I had my spiritual awakening.

Then the Creatrix was born. This time it was different. This deep connection to source that I had felt when singing before. This was now consciously flowing through me. 

I am a deep embodied channel of sound. Of pure sounds. Whether it be my angelic connection voicing the most breathtaking ethereal sounds. Or my native american medicine man guide with his earthy and ancient sounds. The light language that flows through me, activating you. Or the energy from my past life as a high priestess In Atlantis – her essence and energy flowing through me.

I have been a healer through many incarnations and lifetimes. The essence and gifts of each one now activated in my field

Through my training as a singer, my connection to my voice. I bring these elements along with a deep spiritual connection to my work.

~ Expression of the voice, your true voice
~ Awakening your Voice, Body, Spirit Connection
~ Feeling the power of your voice to heal yourself

For those that want to know

Through my 10 year career working with disadvantaged young people and their families, I gained so much training and insight

~ Conflict management

~ Emotional & Behavioural studies

~ Cycles of change

~ Human conditioning & programming

~ Equality and diversity

~ Mental health

~ Neural Diversity

The bits of paper

Dec 2017  Singing Bowl Practitioner, The College Of Sound Healing
Oct 2018  Sound Healing Practitioner, The College Of Sound Healing
Dec 2018  NLP Practioner, The Coaching Academy

The most important thing

While I feel so strongly that people working in this field SHOULD be fully qualified in the modalities they are working in. I feel the experiences of the soul, you as a conscious being play a tremendous part.

For this is why you have experienced them. You have tangible experience and knowledge of it. Have FELT the depths

Do not try to suppress it. Or hide away from it for fear of not being whole or healed or perfect.

For this will speak to the souls of those WHO NEED YOU. Your gifts and experience to guide them to the next level of being.