The Naked Soul Retreat

7 days, 6 nights of reconnecting, in one of the most breathtaking and magical places in the world – IBIZA!

The Naked Soul Retreat

7 days, 6 nights of reconnecting, in one of the most breathtaking and magical places in the world – IBIZA!

We are going to take you on an adventure. An uncovering. A discovery.

A journey full of healing, surprise and wonder.

Opening a path that sees you strip back, unwind and reconnect to your-self.

Welcoming in your true love story with YOU. Your bare NAKED SOUL.

Thursday 31st May to Friday 6th June 2024

If you choose to pay in full we will gift you with a beautiful 1:1 with one of us during the retreat!

The Calling…


Let’s get real! This retreat is not a quick fix, it is an invitation. An opening. A guide in your journey back to you – YOUR Naked Soul. 

This is your invitation to practice loving yourself unconditionally – because – we all know this love, truly is the greatest love of all. 

To connect in with your mind body and soul, the opportunity to look beyond the superficial, deep within you… AND then together we support your courage and self-compassion to be in the present, every step of the way.


A retreat where you can be heard, you can be seen and can  Be You. 

All of you In all your muchness

This is the time to finally let your voice be louder than your doubts and allow the full range of you to be expressed and heard.

To allow the full range of you to be expressed and heard.

The freedom to be YOU is with YOU!

You’re in CONTROL! And we are here to REMIND YOU of just that!

Your journey

At The Naked Soul Retreat you will experience all the elements of Diana and Tania’s magic.

Awakening and Connecting to your true authentic voice

A deep surrender leading to a level of esoteric enlightenment

Access to harness the pure power of sound to cleanse, release and rebalance

Deep embodiment of truly Unconditional Self Love

Release emotional residue left in the body from trauma

Deeper connection to self (remember better self-care = better community-care)

Self trust with a heightened awareness of your intuitions and instincts

Self awareness to access vulnerability as your superpower

Discover and activate the tools you have inside yourself already

Self discovery – find parts of yourself you never knew existed

Coaching, teaching and guidance giving you tools to rediscover your joy

Reigniting your purpose, the divine spark within you to BEing – that’s it – YOU HAVE IT already

Discovering and deepening your spiritual connection and gifts

Somatic meditative rituals and practices to support you in finding answers you’ve been searching for, as you still and quieten the mind

You’re going to take this journey with 10 other magical beings and
create soul bonds that are beyond words and time.

Take time for you

You get time for yourself

To reflect

To take a walk

To read

To meditate

To rest

To surrender

To dance

To scream

To be you

To embrace your true self, without masks or tasks

To connect to you without being disturbed by lifes fuckeries

Because when was the last time you were fully able to be you?

Be in your body, without letting the stories take over.

Without having to worry about anything or anyone else?

Many beautiful women like you feel like this

Like you have to dim your light or censor yourself to fit in

So caught up in the doing, forgetting the importance of being

Have lost a sense of who you are

Distrust and dislike their voice so they don’t feel comfortable using it

Feel disconnected from their deep inner knowing and intuition

Are at a crossroads in their lives and business and are looking for answers

Are you with us? This was us… You are not alone!

In the words of Queen Lizzo – It’s about damn time…

The juicy details

The days will be filled with deep self exploration. Connection. Plenty of TIME where there is NO agenda or place to be other than TO BE! 

And the bonus – you get to do it at the most beautiful and special venue, that Diana and Tania fell in love with the moment they saw it…

Welcome to Can Shanti! A paradise set in the unspoiled north of Ibiza, close to Heaven’s Gate, encapsulated within a beautiful valley, with sea views and fresh forest air, close to Ibiza’s most exquisite, secluded coves. With beautiful walks on your doorstep and a short walk to Santa Inés (Santa Agnès de Corona), where Ibiza’s rural charm comes to life with almond trees, local farms and wonderful typical Ibizan family run cafes, you definitely feel the Bali chill with Ibiza magic as soon as you arrive.

We’ll be in retreat for 7 days and 6 nights in this magical accommodation, where everything is full board. You will have access to sumptuous foods, prepared by an award winning gourmet private chef, that has produced a beautiful, detoxifying vegan menu featuring delicious produce from local farmers and suppliers, where all dietary requirements can be catered for – just for you!

You can swim in this infinity pool, overlooking the countryside perfect for relaxing and revitalising in the sunshine.

With 4 acres to roam in, to watch your sunsets and sunrises, you’re sure to find a hideaway for your solitude and also cozy up in comfortable communal spaces for hugs and snuggles and life-changing conversations.

There will also be a special unique feature – we have a team of additional and dedicated wellness hosts (we call them ‘the Angels), who will be there to support and nourish you with anything you need throughout your stay, serving you nourishing and detoxifying juices and healthy snacks, teas and fruit water throughout your day. They’re all holistic practitioners, deeply attuned and experienced in this field and should a moment arise and we aren’t on hand, you can be sure the angels will be there to discreetly scoop you up.

This truly is a very special place where you will be cared for, nourished and supported through your own personal journey of rest, rejuvenation, healing, growth and self-love!

You will experience exclusive fine dining from Remko The Healthy Chef, Ibiza & Worldwide Private Chef & Retreat Chef.

 Good to know is that he only cooks with as many organic products as possible, he prepare everything himself and everything is free of chemical additives and E numbers. No packages and bags.

The menu is completely crafted for the groups dining needs, so all dietary requirements can be catered for. And careful precision ensures there is minimal to no waste. Which we love!

Your personal sanctuary during the retreat

Santosha –  £2,750

If tranquility and luxury accommodation, then put Santosha on your wishlist. Enjoying a true sense of privacy you can find this Balinese guest cabin down a quiet path in the country estate grounds. Taking advantage of the idyllic setting with floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing both light to pour in adding to the elegance and warmth of the room and for guests to wonder at the spectacular views of the forest. There’s a wonderfully spacious feel to the vaulted ceiling, whilst warm timber beams afford a year-round sense of cosiness. Outside, lush bamboo plants frame a stunning alfresco bathroom with a wood-framed tub and a grey stone vanity unit, a spectacular spot for an outdoor soak. If you’re looking for the perfect place to switch off and get away from it all, this is it. Magical. 

The Santosha triple suite gives you a unique opportunity to share with two precious souls, in an utterly luxurious cabin with a beautiful large area and Al Fresco bathroom, where you can bathe and shower and embrace the NakedSoul engulfed in nature!

Shakti –  £2,600

As you enter Shakti, a luscious twin suite, your eyes will immediately be drawn to the floor-to-ceiling windows and eye-catching views and immaculately delightful glazing. As your room is filled with light, and you move through the room, you will and décor you will not be disappointed. In your air-conditioned suite, you will walk into your uniquely designed en-suite, with a freestanding natural stone bath, with windows so you can look out into the beauty of nature, whilst you bathe. You also have access to your own private terrace, offering the perfect place for some quiet time or even a luxurious pamper session. You’ll even have some air-con for those warmer Ibizan nights…

Ananda –  £2,500

Ananda is an amazing triple occupancy master suite, the perfect hideaway designed for luxury comfort and embracing the healing space of the retreat. Covering the first floor of the main finca this elegant suite offers a modern and stylish shower room with a separate toilet for privacy, some gorgeous built-in wardrobes to keep your space clutter-free. When you open your smooth sliding doors you will see your own private tranquil terrace, a secluded sun-trap fringed with bougainvillea, and a sumptuous daybed. Look up at those distant sea views and lounge to your heart’s content. You’ll even have some air-con for those warmer Ibizan nights…

Shiva –  £2,350

As you enter Shiva, a light-filled triple suite, your eyes will immediately be drawn through your glass doorway to a serene and beautiful terrace awaiting you. This delightful room, with individually designed pared-back palettes and immaculate glazing which guide beams of light inside, you automatically feel that rush of pleasure and rest. As your focus settles on the room and décor you will not be disappointed when you notice the stunningly designed en-suite bathrooms with freestanding natural stone baths and windows allowing you to bathe and shower whilst admiring nature. Easy access rejuvenation on your own private terrace will give you even more space to rest and relax. You’ll even have some air-con for those warmer Ibizan nights…

We are currently taking non-refundable deposits of £350 to secure a place on The Naked Soul Retreat.

Go ahead and click on the button below to pay your deposit.

Once this is confirmed you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to book one of these fabulous rooms! Have a fave… Which one will you choose?

Once a deposit has been taken, you’ll be invited to select your luxurious room and you can begin a bespoke monthly payment plan that suits your needs (we have 3, 6 and 12 monthly payment plan options). We’re happy to discuss alternative options for you to make sure you can make it to The Naked Soul Retreat if you know this is what you want and feel aligned in joining us for this unique experience, in 2024!

Please note the deposit of £350 is non-refundable at any point.

What can you expect?

We will have a loose timetable and will take breaks as and when are needed depending on the collective. We will flow with the energy, and be guided for your highest good, with plenty of rest and relaxation time.

Tania and Diana have some key values and intentions for us during our time together. We definitely want to make sure you take time to:

  • Breath and connect into your body
  • Laugh so fucking hard (you may even pee a little)
  • Have fun and find your joy
  • Be in a space where you can be vulnerable and held
  • Enjoy nature and be in oneness with pacha mama
  • Rest and chillax
  • Detach and embrace the simplicity
  • Feel the joy and deep compassion of sisterhood (we want to rewrite past negative experiences and show you how powerful & transformative a collective can be)
  • Have a digital detox (yes we will be taking your phone at times – be prepared)
  • Enjoy silence and stillness as well as ecstatic dancing and singing under the stars
  • Connect with confidence to your voice (no more silencing yourself)
  • Find yourself fully free, with no fucks given
  • Celebrate YOUrself and your love story with YOU!

To create this for YOU, The Naked Soul Retreat includes workshops including

  • Sacred fire ceremonies (Buddhist Homa rituals) 

  • Sacred Sound Healing

  • Buddhist Meditation and Chanting practice

  • Somatic Activated Healing (SAH™ Method) – Ecstatic dance, breathwork, mantras and meditation, body mudras – Transmuting trauma through releasing emotional residue in your body

  • Accessing the voice – Awakening the voice body spirit connection

  • Chanting Mantras and YOUR sound to open your chakras

  • Restorative mindfulness practices, meditation and breathwork

  • Group Coaching with NLP and CBT, with opportunity for 1:1 time to help you integrate 

  • Self-love embodiment

  • Sexual and sensual activation 

  • Bodywork and Mirrorwork

Exciting Excursions

Included in the price of your package you will get access to these Exciting Excursions

  • Visit to Crystal Mountain – A  private magical forest garden full of crystals

  • Afternoon enjoying Ibiza Town including dinner at an authentic Ibicenco restaurant

  • Beautiful therapeutic walks/hikes in nature, leading to Caves and Beaches

  • Sunset Meditations and Reflections

  • All transfers to excursions are included

Crystal Mountain

Crystal Mountain is a magic place, a garden gallery in the Northern mountains of Ibiza.

Their Crystals are ancient healing stones formed around 64 million years ago during the cooling process of major volcanic eruptions in central India, Creating nature’s finest living art.  

Crystals calm the mind and connect the physical to the spiritual

We will take a tour with one of the gatekeepers.  Wonder around the forest and garden gallery while learning all about the inception of the project.

Touch, feel and connect with the crystal collection sourced from India. Sound into them. Hell you can stand inside and lay on some! Witness and feel the power of the altars that have been created on this sacred site.

Learn where the crystals came from, the ancient wisdom they hold and the secrets they have to tell you.​

*This visit is included in your trip

What’s not included?

  • Flights

  • Travel insurance

  • Spending Money

  • Massages and treatments (can be arranged separately for you)

Please note the amount charged will be in GBP (£). On this website it is stated in EUROS (please don’t be alarmed) as this is a Spanish platform. Thanks for your understanding in advance!

What makes The Naked Soul Retreat special?

Before everyone arrives, Tania and Diana will bless the entire site and spaces we will work in via a Buddhist ritual and divine channelled connection. We’ll go into EACH bedroom, clear the energy and set an intention FOR YOU! Our energy, our experience, the spaces we create and hold are all UNIQUE to us, yet tailored to YOU! This truly makes such a difference to anything you’ve felt before and BE THE DIFFERENCE.

These rituals and practices will allow you the space to breathe. The permission to be. To open and unfold

Both Tania and Diana have deep spiritual connections to divine and esoteric channels, as such you can be sure the guidance you seek WILL COME THROUGH.

Everyones journeys will be different BUT everyone will get what they need.
You can trust that the universe will bring together the exact energetic collective of people that are in need of this journey, this space.

You’ll notice crazy “coincidences” similarities amongst each other. There is NO SUCH THING as a coincidence.
This is all part of the divine plan. Your divine path.

The 10 other women taking this journey with you – your souls have agreed to meet. And your soul has chosen us to be the facilitators of this sacred reconnection!

Incredible transformations

So today was the last day of the retreat with Diana and I can 100% say that it has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I’ve had two really big releases during our sound activities that triggered something in me that I needed to let go. Let out of my system…. I felt so much relief and lightness after them and I’m just so grateful for Diana and her energy and what she has done for all of us. In just two days I’ve learned a lot about myself, and a lot about feelings that I’ve had. And I now have understanding and tools that I can take to be able to make the changes that I need to and connect with myself. Find that connection within myself and find my soul and feed my love and my life as I need to. And it has been a beautiful experience, and I can’t wait for the next one. So thank you.

Nathalie P

This was truly magical and I feel like it was exactly what I needed it to be

Following a time in my life where depression and anxiety had got the better of me, I spent a long time in talking therapy (CBT). This was great, but I had a feeling that something was missing. A further piece of the puzzle of healing was needed and when the opportunity came up to take myself away to the Soul Retreat I took a gulp to venture not knowing anyone there, in the hope that this might be it. 

I was not expecting the profound inner peace I would feel and the connections I would make during this experience. It wasn’t easy, there were times I acknowledged, challenged and let go things I didn’t realise ran deep. I shared words I had never said out loud through guilt, through fear – yet here I felt supported in Diana’s love, in the sound she creates and the sisterhood that surrounded me. 

It was a truly magical weekend and has left me changed for the better. I feel aligned and trusting of what is meant for me. The laughs, singing, the food and the vibe was all good too..not to mention a beautiful venue.

It’s doing the work, without feeling like it’s doing the work!

Victoria H

What a magical experience, i’ve found my tribe. My heart is so full and i’m so grateful for you all

Chole H

About us

So Who the F*$k are Diana and Tania?

Having supported each other during retreats previously, Diana and Tania have wide-ranging experience supporting women through their transformational journeys to self-love, freedom of expression, self trust, acceptance and confidence. 

We come together to join our collaborative power in healing and spiritual expression, and with compassionate and trauma-informed somatic practices, to help you on your path to liberation.

We met on a retreat a few years ago and have been in love ever since! We’ve formed a life-long bond that goes beyond either had expected, when they first went on retreat. Along with their thrupple partner Sam Adams (you may have seen her about in our stories #ItStartsWithYou or listened to us all on her podcast), we have a friendship and platonic love affair that has changed all our lives.

We speak every single day and are intertwined in each other’s lives, businesses and families and have helped each other through some of the lowest and challenging moments and celebrated and rejoiced together in some of the most miraculous and high energy experiences! 

We are so grateful for our love and this retreat was born from it. Born from a desire that you can find a love so deep and boundless as the love story with yourself brings – AND then also find some of your soul mates to share that love with. 

As we support YOU, we see, listen and feel into you, connect to who you truly are deeply, in your authentic self, at your core – your Buddha Nature as Tania describes it.

We use all of our experiences.  

Our  journey, our struggles, our triumphs, our learnings, our BEing, alongside training, daily practice, academic and spiritual studies and soul gifts in this sacred container.

This sacred retreat space will encompass experiences of our entire life’s work that you would normally only get working 1:1 with us.

  • Mirror Work

  • Buddhist Dharma studies

  • Buddhist lay-monastic training 

  • Reprogramming the mind – NLP 

  • Mind-Body Spirit Connection

  • Meditation 

  • Somatic Activated Healing (SAH™ Method)

  • Healing Bodywork

  • Energy Work

  • Breath Work

  • Somatic Work

  • Self expression and Voice work

  • Cognitive behaviour therapy

  • Release Work (emotional)

  • Sound Healing

  • Coaching, Guiding and Teaching

  • Reiki

But what we love the most? Is that we get to do this in person with you!

That’s where we do our best work.

If you choose to pay in full we will gift you with a beautiful 1:1 with one of us during the retreat!

Words of reflection from a past attendee

Words as we reflected as a group by Victoria H

Tribes found and friendships created
From a place of wholeness

Releases made, strong raw and real
A sisterhood of support
Connected through energy, light, laughter and love

Trust and love drew us in
An intention found with support, such honour felt
Hearts shared, communion found
There was space to: chant and connect
Being held when we needed to be

Excitement and unintended feelings
Answering the questions deep within us
Continuing a journey
An enlightenment to open up
There’s been progress like no other
Opening and healing my soul
This is the magic

Gratitude and vulnerability
Shared opened arms wrapped around to heal 

Supporting friendship cementing
Further with our connected intuition

You guide us Diana
To breakthrough in a way
That is simply like no other 

Rare and special
A circle of women
Aligned and held through the times we share

Fear released
Of connection and
The way I need to love myself
In the way my soul needs me to 

Something real is felt
Leading from within
We’ll take this along our journey

Full of music and light
We learnt to navigate our handbooks
Expressing emotions in our own way
Knowing we’re far from alone
Love is shared 

A time so needed
Moments unexpected
From the depths in need of release
Like waves crashing
Learning what is etched around our hearts
Clarity, peace and our next steps guided

The ‘being’ is required
It has been so perfect in us
The coming together
A privilege to watch the growth 

Magic unfolding
Learns shared
Hearts entwined

We are truly connected
We are soul aligned

We don’t believe in coincidences, we believe in serendipity

We believe your soul has lead you here for a reason
and we cannot wait to find out with you, for you and ultimately how this supports us all in our healing during this adventure called life.

We love you and cannot wait to hug you and hold you and hear your heart at The Naked Soul Retreat!


BIG LOVE Tania & Diana

Please Note

Health Disclaimer

The Retreat will include Live Sound Healing, Somatice Activated Healing and reiki.  Although you can still attend the Retreat, please note you will NOT be able to take part in sound healing and certain elements (which will be adapted for your requirements) of somatic activated healing, if any of the following apply to you: 

  • Pregnancy in the first 3 months
  • Epilepsy
  • Pacemakers
  • Serious Mental Health conditions
  • Life limiting or terminal illness
  • Surgery less than 4 weeks ago

You may still attend sound healing and somatic activated healing and reiki in the following circumstances, but I will need to be aware if you have:

  • Conditions affecting the ear such as Meniere’s Disease or infection of the ear
  • Metal Implants 
  • Heart Problems
  • A condition that may make it difficult or uncomfortable for you to lay on the floor for a length of time. (If you are not sure – please email us before booking your place)

Connect with us