#SOul Aligned


For women who are feeling burnt out, overwhelmed and lost

To finally step into a life full of ease, flow, inner peace, joy and connection.

I created this programme because I saw there was something missing IN ALL the women that came into my world


And I realised that part of my soul mission was to teach the secrets, tips and foundational tools that I use in my own life so that other women could benefit from these simple yet powerful teachings. BOOM!


Working with the mind, body and spirit I take you on a journey of self discovery to strip back the layers of who you have become and guide you back to who you were meant to be. to stillness, clarity and a full heart.

To be SOul Aligned

But in order to get you there, I need to strip everything back to basics. Some or MOST of what you have been doing up until now hasn’t been working and so we need to start again.

We learn bad habits along the way, we get lost. And moving forwards, if you’re truly going to sustain this NEW WAY of being– which Is what my mission is for you – then we need to ensure you have the foundations right.

Otherwise EVERYTHING else you do, Is going to lead you in circles and make you feel even more lost than you already are now.


So, here’s the mission – this IS MY JAM

I’ve been where you are

Lost, in a rut, Not knowing or even liking who you are.

Mind racing a million miles an hour – overthinking everything – EVERYTHING!

Little or no Self-belief or Self confidence

Family and friends not believing in your new path and even belittling your beliefs – when you’re still trying to work them out for yourself! NOT HELPFUL!

Lack of control

Lack of support




Burnt out

Feeling like a fraud

PICK ANY ONE OF THESE – I’ve had them all.

And if you’re here reading this, then I bet you are nodding your head, or saying “oh my god, this is me” or you have put your hand on your heart at least once – as your soul recognises the pain.

Am I right?

Step into a life full of ease, flow and connection100px

You’ve probably started to wonder if you’re going crazy.

And mentally check out from time to time.

Feel lonely at home – even with people around.

I bet the first thing to get sacrificed is something for you – your “me time”

You may not sleep great (that damn mind just keeps whirring, searching…)

Relationships, Intimacy is most likely suffering as you’re trying to grow but feeling held back by your commitments and expectations others have of you (and it’s actually making you feel a little resentful)

You’re not good at expressing your emotions / yourself to tell people HOW you’re feeling

And then you feel guilty for feeling these feelings and go back to People pleaser mode. Because you know that, and they know that version of you – and are happy with that

BUT deep down – you can feel that something is missing.

IS THIS RESONATING? I write all of this as


Let go of the guilt, stress, not being good enough


You may have bought a course, enrolled on a programme, tried different things to find the right thing / cure in the past (but not fully invested or took the next steps or maybe even finished it as you didn’t think they’d work or that you could actually change things)

And there you are again


Being a passenger in your own life

Giving away your power

Trying to fix everything and keep it all together when you feel like you could fall apart

Feeling like you have nothing more to give

And as a result – Overeating / drinking / making unhealthy choices

Further fuelling your unhappiness

You tell yourself you haven’t got the money to invest in yourself, BUT, how much money are you spending on coffees, takeaways, other ‘little’ things? How can you find the money for these things BUT NOT FOR YOURSELF?

To invest in your personal growth, that is not only going to benefit you – but all those around you? See you have the confidence to go for that promotion. Or speak up in a relationship you’re not happy in?

We can find a million excuses and reasons why not – BUT WHAT IF….

What if you took a leap of faith, threw your hands in the air and said – “I don’t know how and I feel scared BUT NOW IS MY TIME.” And you said YES, to you. To your future. To bigger and better?

flowing dress free

Soul Aligned is going to help you to see, hear, taste and touch your soul essence. It’s going to take you on a journey of deep discovery, back to YOU. Your soul essence. Your divine beauty.

So, you can be happy and content and confident in yourself.

Find a sense of peace and connectedness. Belonging.

Show up as the REAL you in EVERY situation

Feel more connected to yourself, your family / partner

Be more present

Feel equipped to cope with life’s stresses

Create and maintain loving boundaries

Discover yourself


Soul Aligned

This course will be 5 modules delivered over 6 weeks in a private Facebook Group. With ALL of the teaches are delivered LIVE!

The course will start on the 11th January 2021

And it will go a little something like this:

On a Monday you will have the content dropped – your gorgeous workbook AND Live Teach

On a Thursday we will have a group zoom call where we will connect and have a cuppa and live Q&A with me. Where you get answers from me – live and direct. Unfiltered access to my knowledge, my zone of genius and MY ENERGY!


I’m all about community and supporting one another and here you’ll get to chat with the other ladies taking this journey with you. Share your struggles. Get support from one another. This is where we build connections and hopefully long lasting friendships

I’m also going to be dropping gorgeous little gifts and bonuses along the way you need to look out for!!!

gold, glitter, hands magic

Week 1 – INTRO

Lets get to know one another, get a feel of what is to come and how to make the most out of this wonderful experience.

Face to face, lets start building those foundations of a beautiful sisterhood.

Week 2 – STILL

You’ve lost a bit of who you are along life’s pathway – focusing on career and family. But now you’re ready for MORE.

The name says it all! We are going to look at how to STILL THAT MIND. Slow down and learn the foundational pillars to a still mind and body.

You are going to feel a sense of coming back into yourself and guess what, this is going to start to filter into all the other areas of your life too…

Week 3 – AWARE

You’re starting to become aware of your body, breathing and mind. You’re starting to uncover things that have been hidden, deep down.

You finally have something tangible you can do to grow and a place you can do it to keep you accountable

You feel yourself stepping away from the old but are not sure what into entirely. You just know that you are being led to something more, something better – change. And although it feels wobbly, it feels so good at the same time because deep down – this is what you have been longing for.

If you don’t already, you may start to see little signs that are from spirit. And if you do, you may find that you’re intuition and connection starts to increase..!

Week 4 – GROUND

You have a better understanding and an insight what is actually triggering you – what is under the surface. You’re starting to look at your life with new eyes. Re-evaluating, seeing, becoming aware. You have awareness of what is going on both in and around you. You have created the space and time to start to explore and change

You’re ready for the next level of connection.

Week 5 – GROW

You’re becoming more at ease with integrating spiritual practises and self-care techniques. You have a clearer understanding of who you are. What triggers you.

You are becoming more and more aware of things that are no longer serving you. You have thrown what you’ve known up in the air and are ready to start piecing things back together – into WHO YOU ARE.

There are still things to work through and you still feel a bit wobbly but you can feel the changes already and they feel so good.

Week 6 – FLOW

You are aware of what keeps your vibe high and what brings it down

People, things. You have taken steps to remove negative and old influences

You have the tools and techniques but want to integrate and bring it all together so that you continue on this path


We’re going to reflect on your journey and celebrate just how far you’ve come.

It’s a time to acknowledge what has been released and what needs to happen next IN YOUR JOURNEY.

Because you have it all – everything you need. Now it’s up to you what you do next!

But, don’t you worry – This is not a one stop shop!

I have been connecting with my soul – to really zone in on my gifts and teachings I was brought to this world to deliver.

And I have been mapping out the pathways that I can walk you through, so you continue to grow, with me guiding the way.

So, whether that’s working more with your voice, a deeper dive into you and healing hurts and blockages, learning more about spirit and guides – I’ve got you covered.

Everything I have learnt, every win, every hurdle I have overcome, all the things I have grown through in my ascension journey – these are the foundational blocks for my teachings.

I have lived it, experienced it. Cried, laughed and learnt it.

I share ALL these teachings with you, from my heart. So that your journey may be quicker, easier, smoother

BUT, make no mistake, this is a journey and one your soul must go through to learn and evolve. So, while I cannot do it for you, I am here to walk alongside you and guide you through.

I am here sista! I bring the light, the vibes, the joy, the bad-assery! The wisdom of our loved ones and enlightened beings. The sounds to soothe and the power to activate what already lies so deep within you – YOUR SOUL.

This transformational experience is £997

BUT, I am offering this AT HALF PRICE! That’s right AT £498

This will be the last time I ever discount the programme and next time I launch IT WILL BE £997


AND there are TWO fast action bonuses,

1 – If you sign up and pay IN FULL by midnight on the 31st December 2021, you will also get a FREE 1:1 call with me


2 – If you sign up and pay by payment plan by midnight on the 31st December 2021, you will get a group call with me

Spaces are limited and priority will go to those who are on the waiting list

If you want change, if you want something more. If you want to feel confident in your own skin – to be, say and do WHAT YOU WANT, then this is for you my love

So, if you’re really serious. If you have read this and your heart has called out, then it is time.

So much love angel

Diana xxx