SOul Aligned

                                            Taking you on a journey of self discovery…

SOul Aligned is my signature 6 week programme teaching my foundational tools to living a connected and spiritual life as the best and soul version of yourself.

It teaches women who have low self esteem, lack confidence, who always put themselves last to say finally say no.  To take back control. Stop the overwhelm and the people pleasing. So they can feel like their best IS GOOD ENOUGH – no more apologising.

Working with the mind, body and spirit I take you on a journey of self-discovery to strip back the layers of who you have become and guide you back to who you were meant to be. To stillness, clarity and a full heart. To be SOul Aligned!

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What others say

“I had a moment of anger. While I was running I let all my negative feeling flow and as soon as I stepped into the forest I let it go, it was beautiful. I learned that I can take control of my emotions and energy. Basically, everything I learned (In SOul Aligned) I applied and it was magical. Thank you Diana Nash”

Nathalie Palmer

“Having spent a lot of time looking at my beliefs and values and where they have come from and how many are limiting has been incredible. Just by facing them I feel so much more better equipped of understanding myself and what I need more of In my life.”

Angela Curtis

“…It really was a journey. I suffered with a lot of anxiety before and by the end of doing this course with her. I was going to fill up my car – I hate filling up my car. But I would go fill up my car with no anxiety, whatsoever and I still don’t have it now, I worked through that with Diana. …These things are the most life changing things for me because I’ve missed out on a lot due to these issues in the past, …didn’t feel good enough or worthy enough to be around others. I don’t have that now because I’m worthy.”

Katie Rose Jones

“Just thought I’d say thank you to everyone that has done this journey alongside me, and thank you Diana Nash for allowing me to do this experience. It really has been eye opening and so heart warming and I soooo love you lovely ladies!”

Chloe Hastings

“The breathing exercises and taking moments to be still has really helped me. Especially today as it’s my busiest and most stressful work day of the month for deadlines. I’ve been able to deal with the stress as it happens and take myself away and focus on my breathing and come back with a clear mind.

What’s normally an awful work day, with me pulling my hair out has been so much better! Still with its challenges, but I’ve got every thing done for the work day and I’ve not let the stress and anxiety win. So happy! ”

Koi Quittenton

‘Being mindful of it, aware of what breathing actually is and the different ways to do it! I really enjoyed learning about the diaphragm and the wasted lung/air energy too. It blew my mind a little!!xxx”

Hannah Hollis Barry, Bare Face